More Light, Less Heat

  • Tuesday 09, October 2012
  • Posted by: pmanning

I heard another passionate debate among Catholics about the upcoming presidential election.  I had the sense that both were amazed at how adamant the other was.  Both invoked Catholic social teaching.  One felt compelled by the clear teaching of the United States bishops on moral issues.  The other felt more compelled by contrary viewpoints.  I find myself wishing that there were a party, morally conservative but socially conscious and compassionate, that could capture both sides.  And I find myself wishing that the challenging economy moved us to simpler living and stronger community rather than to guarded, defensive postures and contentious relationships.

This Friday at St. Paul Inside the Walls, Dr. Doug Sylva will speak as a civil, thoughtful citizen, but as God’s servant first.  From his unique perspective as a scholar of the social and political scene, a Vatican advisor to the United Nations, a business man, and a husband and father in a thriving family, Dr. Sylva will help us reflect on what it means to be Americans and to be Catholics, and how we do our duty to both roles, with a priority given to faith and our goal of heaven.  I am praying for the Holy Spirit to enkindle in him and us the fire of God’s love, with a little more light and a little less heat.