Exploring art is one of the many ways in which visitors to St. Paul Inside the Walls can encounter God.  Presentations delve into the conversation that takes place between faith and art and how we, as viewers, participate in that conversation.  By spending time looking at the beauty reflected in works of art, we can be led to God who is the source of all beauty.

Literary expression has long been one of the means of drawing people to God and the spiritual life. However, in today’s relativistic world, works of literature are often considered existential and even demeaning to religion. At St. Paul Inside the Walls, specific famous writings are read, discussed, and evaluated to bring to the forefront the pivotal intersection of the written word and Catholic moral issues.

Scripture, Theology & Philosophy
St. Paul Inside the Walls continues to present luminaries in the fields of scripture, theology, and philosophy, for by providing people with the finest academic scholarship in these areas, we are satisfying the intellectual search for truth and beauty which comes from God. Our lecturers teach from the rich tradition of scripture and tradition, yet they are always open to engage those who have differing viewpoints. Our goal is to propose the teachings of the Church with a precision of language that informs the mind and lifts the spirit. In addition to outside presenters and special programs, our staff includes people with a wealth of experience and scholarship who seek to present the truth of Christ in new and innovative ways.

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