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Aug 10

Scripture and the 12 Steps: Recovery with Christ

Sunday 9:30 AM at St. Paul Inside the Walls in Madison, NJ

Experience has shown that one person, all alone, can never heal another. A one-to-one situation is not a good situation. It is important to bring broken people into a community of love, a place where they feel accepted and recognized in their gifts and have a sense of belonging. That is what wounded people need and want most. — Jean Vanier, Brokenness to CommunityRead More

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 11:00 AM Young Adult Mass
  • Friday 25, July 2014
  • Posted by: Brian Honsberger

Knowing God is Better than Winning the Lottery

The current lotto jackpot is over 400 million dollars. When hearing a lottery number that large, most people immediately think of what they would do with so much money, which usually includes some mixture of helping themselves and then others. It’s hard to comprehend a number that large, but it’s important to remember that it’s a finiteRead More


In some places they only talk about God; this is not one of those places. Some of our visitors never speak about God and that’s ok with us. Our hope is to begin a conversation. Find your way here.

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